Along For the Ride by Sarah Dessen

July 9, 2009 at 3:10 pm 1 comment

Jane and I’s beloved author does not fail to please us with her 9th book.alongfortheride

How many awesome stars does this book deserve?

Tiffany: 5/5 stars !

Jane: 5/5 stars

What did you think of the setting and plot?

Tiffany: The setting is awesome. I think it’s partially why the book is so awesome. As for the plot, it’s pretty typical—girl goes away for summer and discovers herself. But that doesn’t stop me from reading it! Even though the plot wasn’t as original, Dessen adds in her own style to mix it up.

Jane: Setting makes anyone who reads this book jealous.  It makes me want to go run away to a beach area neighborhood and meet all of those new and interesting people.  It’s the same setting as in Keeping the Moon, so you might see some other beloved Sarah Dessen characters.  The plot wasn’t totally unique but it is an original story with a touching plot.  And this book is not a romance book, it is a book about really being true to yourself and learning how to do that- romance just slipped in as a bonus.

What type of book is this?

Tiffany: This book is definitely a beachy, summery-love book. But I think it’s just the type of book that makes you want to know more about the characters.

Jane: A book for and about teenagers with depth and intellect.  It’s lighthearted, with ups and downs as it follows Auden on her path to self discovery.

How are the characters in the book?

Tiffany: They’re all just awesome (yes, I love the word awesome). The girls aren’t annoying chicks, and the guys aren’t the type to make you gag or disgusted. I think they’re all pretty unique and relatable. The beauty of the book is that they all have different personalities! Dessen provides us a good variety of teens. It just sucks that the guy characters aren’t that realistic since they’re all good and perfect boys.

Jane:  Characters are realistic and not overly exaggerated/crazy/quirky as some young adult authors tend to make their teenage characters.  There are no “bad guys” or definitive antagonists in the story, only people with their flaws and defining characteristics.  And they’re really interesting.

How did you like the writing style?

Tiffany: It was pretty simple and not full of complex words. Dessen uses a casual tone to help make the reader feel like s/he is a part of the novel, which is pretty cool. I like her style because it’s simple, yet you can still spot all those great writing techniques and structure. Everything flows well.

Jane: Loved it.  It has this rhythm that keeps the story interesting and you’ll just want to keep reading.  I also just like Sarah Dessen’s writing style in general.  She doesn’t make her teenage characters speak in some weird slang that I can’t understand.  The way she writes you can imagine everything in your mind like a movie screening in your brain.

Who would you recommend this book to?

Tiffany: All the people in the world. I’d actually recommend all of Sarah Dessen’s book to everyone on the planet, but that just won’t work L But I think all girls who are in search of themselves or just plain girls who want to read a good book should read this book. It’s very relaxing and refreshing. Girls who are romantics should definitely read this book! It’s made of awesomeness.

Jane: Any teenager wanting a temporary escape from the pressures and stress of dull school life.  Anyone who wants to read a good story with a good moral.  Anyone who just wants to turn off the television and crack open a book.  Any closeted idealists or hopeless romantics (open is good too!).  Anyone… yeah.  Basically anyone.  I wouldn’t recommend this to cranky people who don’t believe in the existence of love, or in the optimism of life though.  This is a fairly optimistic book, that’ll just make you happy. (Tiffany agrees!)


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  • 1. Blair  |  August 31, 2009 at 6:11 pm

    I LOVE this book!!!! 5 stars definetly! Sarah Dessen and Susane Colasanti are my favorite writers ever!! Their books are very realistic and are a great escape from every day life. I want them to keep writing forever!!!


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