Take Me There by Susane Colasanti

July 9, 2009 at 12:01 am 1 comment

Hey all, it’s Jane here.  I’m just going to post up a quick book review on Take Me There.  I just picked it up from the library today and finished it a couple of hours ago.  I really don’t know if that says more about the book or about me, but I’ll just get straight to the review.

takemethereGreatness: 4/5 stars


Set in fast paced New York, Rhiannon, Nicole and James are three friends attending the same high school.   The book is told in alternating perspectives between the three, following a common story line, but also differs for each person.  Rhiannon can’t get over her ex-boyfriend, Steve, who just seemed to dump her for no reason.  She spends nights in her bed sulking and waiting for him to call her.   Nicole dresses “wild” in combat boots and fishnets but she’s just a normal girl who dumped the perfect boyfriend, Danny.  She also can’t help crushing on her handsome math teacher.  And James is Rhiannon’s best friend who has to deal with this friendship and what might grow from it.  “Will their desire to take a mean girl down a notch bring these three friends what they want… and more?”


Susane Colasanti, the author of When It Happens, creates three completely realistic and relatable characters in Take Me There.  Although, the characters have their own flaws and imperfections it doesn’t stop them from being any less real to the reader.   The alternating perspectives are placed strategically throughout the book to create suspense and mini cliff hangers for the next part.  But the changing perspectives, gives this book a unique dynamic and is told very differently that it doesn’t feel like a broken record reading the same things.  It did confuse me at times but Colasanti did a good job of writing the book in different viewpoints.   Colasanti is able to capture the young teenage spirit and all the angst present in a nonexaggerated way.  And the slang present is used subtly and not as an alien jargon posing as teenage dialogue.  The book reads quickly, and I recommend it to any teenager looking for a semi-light hearted book, it has heavier aspect such as elements of physical and sexual abuse.  But don’t freak out.  Overall, it’s pretty lighthearted.


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  • 1. Blair  |  August 31, 2009 at 6:17 pm

    I love all of Susane Colasanti’s books! They don’t exactly relate to my life, but I love reading about about love stories of any kind. I also love how she had each chapter from a different person’s perspective. I love getting everyone in the book’s opinion on what’s going on. 5 stars!!!!!!!


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