Anne of Green Gables (a classic)

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Anne of Green Gables (series) by L.M. Montgomery

Anne of Green Gables (series) by L.M. Montgomery

Hello there ambitious readers! Today I have a treat for you–Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. I won’t have a review up yet until later, so I’ll just take this chance to recommend this awesome book series. I love, love, LOVE Anne of Green Gables. I read this when I was in 5th or 6th grade and have watched the movies over 10 times. Although this isn’t a typical YA novel that you’d go gaga over, I promise you that Anne, Avonlea (the town), and Prince Edward Island will win your heart over. Don’t let her age (11 yrs old) throw you back! Like all classics, this series is good for any age. Besides, as the series depicts Anne’s life from when she was first adopted until she has her own kids. I would recommend this book for anyone who is into classics, a strong female character, and a talkative red-head who’ll make you laugh your heart out. And of course there’s always a boy, Gilbert, who you’ll just fall in love with as well.

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When Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert of Green Gables, Prince Edward Island, send for a boy orphan to help them out at the farm, they are in no way prepared for the error that will change their lives. The mistake takes the shape of Anne Shirley, a redheaded 11-year-old girl who can talk anyone under the table. Fortunately, her sunny nature and quirky imagination quickly win over her reluctant foster parents. Anne’s feisty spirit soon draws many friends–and much trouble–her way. Not a day goes by without some melodramatic new episode in the tragicomedy of her life. Early on, Anne declares her eternal antipathy for Gilbert Blythe, a classmate who commits the ultimate sin of mocking her hair color. Later, she accidentally dyes that same cursed hair green. Another time, in her haste to impress a new neighbor, she bakes a cake with liniment instead of vanilla. Lucy Maud Montgomery’s series of books about Anne have remained classics since the early 20th century. Her portrayal of this feminine yet independent spirit has given generations of girls a strong female role model, while offering a taste of another, milder time in history.

If you like Anne of Green Gables, I suggest L.M. Montgomery’s other books: The Blue Castle, At the Altar, Pat of Silver Bush, etc.

Also try: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

So go check these out! They are seriously my favorite classics of all time! They’re made of awesomeness 🙂

Happy reading ! I’ll come with a review soon, and probably some other posts about Anne of Green Gables.



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